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Tara has spent years researching and testing different methods to find out which works best. After years of researching and working with different women all over the country, Tara has found the BodyFIT systems to work best for total body transformation.

That means we have your training, nutrtition and mindset covered so ensure you reach your goals, you feel happier and more confident in your body and finally feel proud of your body.

Tara has hired the best mentors and professionals over the last few years to learn from them and ensure the BodyFIT programme is streamlined so you get the ultimate transformation.

You can spend the next few years trying out different methods, wasting money and wasting valuable time trying to achieve your body transformation or you can join the BodyFIT Academy and fast track your results just like the ladies below.

Meet Michele

I honestly will never look back from this, I've discovered things about me I didn't know and realised I was my harshest critic. Honestly hand on heart with Tara at the helm everyone can get results, because she gets you to believe in yourself and you can eat FOOD! Last week was the first week in my life I stood on the scales and hoped I hadn't lost, I can't fit in more food!

 Michele, 40 - lost 25lbs

I can't thank this programme and Tara enough, after having enough of going round in circles of wanting to lose weight but eating too little and then binge eating when getting home from work and then eating from being depressed that I have eaten rubbish again.

I decided to join the 12 week programme as I am due to get married, and my whole out look on food has changed... I don't have to starve my self to be able to lose weight, in fact when eating the right food some days I struggled to eat my allocated calories, no food is off limits which I found a bonus but still staying within the calories.

After doing this for 12 weeks I have so much more energy and am so much happier I am able to put more time into my kids rather than just sitting on the sofa with no energy, if I'm happier the whole house is happier.


Meet Lydia

I can't even believe I am sharing these pictures! On my first photos I was under 9 weeks post partum after just having 4 kids under 4! During all of my pregnancies I have tried to stay as active as possible, but because complications arise each time I am consultant led and have to seriously reduce what I'm allowed to do. The minute I got the all clear at 6 weeks PP I went to see Tara. My goal was to get fitter and healthier and get back to doing something I loved doing a long time ago! I am now 25 weeks PP and 2 stone down, I have stomach muscles again (never thought I would see them again) and I'm so much fitter and stronger than I have been in a long time. 

Thank you so much Tara you have given me the confidence and determination that I can do this!


Meet Jasmine

So I've just finished my plan with Tara and all I can say is - she is incredible!! I started off knowing nothing about weights, was super shy and scared of the weight area but after the 2nd week I had no worries she grew my confidence sooooo much! I've learnt so much from her, from food and exercise to general wellbeing and happiness and confidence. She is ALWAYS there when I need support if I ever feel rubbish she is so motivating and pushes me further. I can't recommend her enough if you're a woman (or a man!) looking to confidence build and to get into weights 100000% recommend Tara. I love ya chick thanks so much for everything you've done thanks to you I can now wear a bikini and not feel paranoid and I feel so much more comfortable and happy in my clothes!! Xxxxx


Following the onslaught of the menopause, my already big battle with how I looked and felt turned into a momentous battle. I was at a real low point, hating how I looked, not enjoying wearing any of my clothes (there was only a small percentage that fitted me anyway) and comparing myself with everyone. I hated having my photo taken, I hated looking in the mirror, I was in a downward spiral. My self esteem hit rock bottom. My lifestyle meant I was unable to regularly attend any gym classes and due to being away from home every week, I was unable to plan meals or cook a large percentage of my meals. I tried meal replacement diets and every other diet (but they all rely on you preparing your food), yes I would loose the weight, but a. I was not enjoying my food and b. they were not sustainable. I would gain all the weight again and be right back where I was. It was not a happy way life, I hid it well, but how I looked and felt was permanently on my mind. After hearing about Tara and signing up for her programme, I was determined to make it work, but was unsure how an online coach could help me. Well what I can say, it worked 100%, the support, the patience, the understanding, the total personalisation of the programme, the being at the end of the airwaves whenever I was in a restaurant to provide advise, was unbelievable. So where am I now after 90 days: I am happy with me again!!!! I am fitter, stronger, leaner but more importantly my self esteem has come back. I now look at myself in my mirror and no longer see this unhappy person looking back at me. I feel better in my clothes and more importantly in my skin. I am less critical about myself and walk taller. I am so much happier and confident in myself. I have also learnt what is realistic for me, what is achievable and more importantly what is sustainable. I have learnt how to enjoy life and feel good, and not feel like I am on constant diet. I have learnt that I can fit in exercise in my life and do not need a gym membership to do this. I feel in control and am smiling again. I would 100% recommend Tara, she has been a life saver.


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Meet Anne-Marie

I love how I now look at food, that counting calories and macros isn't the ballache I initially thought it would be and it's nice to actually KNOW what I'm eating and the benefits I'm gaining from it.

I've learnt I'm not as weak as I thought I was and getting stronger! And I've learnt that I actually ENJOY exercise when I thought I'd hate it. I actually enjoy going to the gym and love seeing and feeling my progress!

It's been awesome! Can't wait to continue my training and good eating habits


Meet Vanessa

In just under 8 weeks under Tara Hall instruction at the gym and food/calories, my weight has fluctuated due to water retention but I have lost 8lb and a very comfortable dress size. Now happily back in a size 10, my measurement results are most dramatic... couldn't have done it without her knowledge and enthusiasm, even at my lowest she has kept me going and I'm so grateful for her professional help and her friendship. Let's hope this is only the start... Daniel Bumphrey and my wedding is in 546 days (not that I'm counting) by then the progress will be hopefully indescribable xx

Meet Ashley

"Tara has been a constant supportive ear in the background, always encouraging and motivating me to do well. I'm so pleased with how my body and mind has transformed already in a relatively short period of time. I am more determined than ever to not let all this hard work go to waste. I like having more energy and love working out and the feeling I get from it. I'm sleeping better and generally in a happier positive mood. My health was the incentive that I needed to start looking after myself and now I just want to continue on this journey"

Meet Sammy

"11lbs lost, 10cm off my waist, 8cm off my hips! Cannot thank Tara enough for all the support and knowledge she's given and all the encouragement. I feel so much happier, healthier and a hell of a lot stronger! Honestly if you are stuck in a rut and want to change go to Tara!"

Find out what Leigh said


Meet Claire

Just over a year ago I was the heaviest I'd ever been, I was overweight, out of shape and lacking in energy. I ran my own business which took me all over the country, driving lots of miles, staying at various hotels, erratic sleeping patterns, strenuous work both physically and mentally.  I desperately wanted to feel fit and energised again. Once I started my PT plan with Tara I could see a clear way forward to changing my lifestyle which in turn changed my physique and my mindset. Tara gave me clear guidance on nutrition, workout plans, walking targets, water intake and weekly accountability for my progress which was so thorough it even included my sleep patterns and how I was feeling mentally. Weekly progress photos also helped to see my changing body shape which was also key on spurring me on. Tara is professional, friendly, supportive and tailors fitness plans for her clients' individual needs and lifestyles. One year on my confidence has returned, I feel good mentally and physically, I have dropped 2 stone but more importantly my body is toned and I'm back in control of how I feel. I still have more self improvement to do but I am so pleased with what I've accomplished so far with Tara's help. I am less tired, I look forward to exercise (it helps that the workouts are 30 minutes long so easily fit into my day and they give you great results!). We all get food cravings, we all need treat foods/drinks now and again but these are not off limits, as long as we know what our bodies need and if we include these foods within our calculated calorie intake for the week it's fine, there is no guilt! If you have a healthy diet and exercise regime, your skin glows, I've received lovely compliments about my new look, which is such a boost. My ability to manage daily stress has also got so much better. 
No matter how busy you are, take it from me this is such a wonderful investment for your health. I am proof that Tara delivers results - she can definitely help you once you just take that first "step". You won't regret it. The live Zoom workouts have been brilliant during these difficult times and although we're not able to get to a class, the BodyFIT community has still been going strong online, with all the other ladies supporting each other and wanting to see each other succeed.

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