Losing baby weight while exhausted with your newborn

Are you any of these things?
- Afraid pregnancy would ruin my body
- Afraid I would gain too much weight
- Afraid I wouldn't be able to lose it
- Afraid I would never have the time to be able to do what I needed to do to lose it?
Pregnancy is the unknown, postpartum is the unknown especially first pregnancy you have no idea what to expect, even second or third pregnancy every single one is different!
It's so normal to think this way, I know you see online 'you shouldn't worry post partum' but that doesn't help anyone because 90% of women do care about losing the baby weight.
I decided to do everything I could to have a healthy pregnancy and recover well postpartum. You can lose all your baby weight shortly after having a baby, it is possible IF you want to.
It can be hard though because you will have less time, you'll be exhausted and you won't have much time to yourself - having a baby was a massive shock to me!
However, it...
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How much weight should you gain during pregnancy?

You’re going to gain weight when you are pregnant that’s inevitable. But it’s not all body fat, you’d be surprised how much weight you carry just from everything else!

Remember every person is different, everyone carries different. This pregnancy is different for me, I have more body fat, more cellulite on my bum and legs might even show you in a future post, I haven’t got as much muscle as last time simply because I’ve been unable to train as much before getting pregnant again. I feel different and I feel bigger.

However my boobs are also bigger and last time I had a lot of amniotic fluid so I’m guessing it’ll be the same this time

Your blood volume increases and can get up to 50% more! I have some broken capillaries in my nose because of this, my nose bleeds and is a little red and swollen in pregnancy.

Not to mention the placenta weight, uterus weight, water weight and of course baby weight!

You are growing a human, you are their...
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My Hospital Bag

Depending on how far along in your pregnancy you are it might be a good idea to start thinking about your hospital bag and getting it packed ready because you never know!
I have done a video on Instagram on IGTV of what I have in my bag you can view it here
My list (I have two one for me and one for baby):
- Maternity pads (whole pack I get Tesco ones) I bring a whole pack because you don't know if you'll be going home straight away or have to stay in overnight so if you have a whole pack you should have enough
- Always incontinence nappies - I found these so much more comfy than wearing knickers with a pad. I wear these with a maternity pad inside and you can change it all and feel refreshed!
- Disposable knickers
- Big knickers x3-4
- Maternity bra 1-2
- Slippers
- Flip flops in case you want a shower
- Oversized tshirt 1-2
- Nightie (front fastening for BF)
- Trackies
- Leggings
- Toiletries (cleanser, moisteriser, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush,...
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Surviving the First Trimester

The first trimester can be tough and it's different in each pregnancy. I definitely found with my second the first trimester was worse. I felt more sick, more mood swings, more tired, headaches and then looking after a baby as well makes you feel worse because you can't just sit down and chill out!
If this is your first I really do recommend resting when you can if you don't feel well. Don't beat yourself up if you can't do everything like workout and eat as well as you'd like to. The second trimester does get better and you'll find your energy levels returning!
What I found helpful was anything cold like frozen fruit, yogurt, diet fizzy drinks, sparkling water (I really struggled to drink water too!) even sugar free squash - sugar free Vimto has been my go to this pregnancy as well as a can of pepsi max cherry this time around.
You might find you go off hot drinks like tea and coffee but then the craving for them might come back later.
You really just...
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Exercises which can cause diastasis recti in pregnancy

Diastasis recti is known as ab separation - very common so don't worry! It commonly occurs in pregnant women (I have it, had it with my first and then second).

2 out of 3 women will experience it - it doesn't hurt by the way but can cause issues like weakness in the abdominal wall which can cause issues like back problems because your abdominals aren't working as well as they should be.

Those mostly at risk are:

- those who gain more than the recommended amount during pregnany

- multiple pregnancies (twins etc)

- back to back pregnancies (that's me!)

- those we do incorrect exercises during pregnancy

- those who lift too heavy for their current fitness levels during pregnancy


Sometimes it will just happen on it's own though which is what I found with me and you have to work at it post partum. Mostly it'll go back on it's own but it's really important to implement pelvic floor and core work.

To check for diastasis recti click here (I did a video on instagram)

So what are the...

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Tips for Surviving Pregnancy with a Toddler

Today I have some tips for surviving pregnancy with a toddler!
1. Plan well - as well as you can anyway with a toddler. Make sure you have everything ready early like you hospital bag, what will you need for baby 2? How long is maternity? How long will your partner have off work? Sit down with your partner and plan things 
2. Utilise help! Pregnancy with a toddler is tough, much harder than the first time round because you're running round after a toddler, picking them up and you don't really get a lot of time to sit down, so if your parents offer to take them for a day make the most of it! Or if you decide to put them in nursery or child minders then it will help you.
3. NAP! I know everyone says this when you are pregnant 'nap when you can' sometimes you can't but try to get some sleep in when your toddler sleeps especially first and third trimesters when you feel the most tired.
4, Lower your expectations. You are not super mum, you cannot do...
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Home Gym Equipment in Stock!!

So I have been keeping an eye out for home gym equipment which is in stock and have found some at a decent price!!

Here's a list:

Barbell set - click here

Dumbbells - click here

Resistance band (long) - click here

Resistance bands (short) - click here

This site seems to be pretty good for good quality and reasonably priced gym equipment so hopefully you can find some things to continue your fitness at home!

This is pretty much all you need to be honest, obviously you can get more if you want to but not everyone has much room at home to keep things.

Hope this helped :)

Tara x

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How to start exercising again post partum

You have just been through the most amazing journey ever, and it's not over yet!

If you have just had your baby give yourself time to adjust, let your hormones calm down and let yourself settle in with your new addition. Plus you also need time to recover!

Before you do anything please make sure you have had your 6 week check with the Dr and are cleared for exercise. If you have any concerns see a female health physio.

You might feel like you can't wait to get back into exercise but hold on mumma! You need to ease back into it! You can't just go off for a run or start a HIIT workout (well you can but it's not a good idea). You need to strengthen your core and pelvic floor again so you aren't faced with future issues like incontinence or prolapse (both are common).

Don't put pressure on yourself. Your body is different, you've just grown a human and given birth! Allow yourself time, there is no set amount of time where you have to get back in shape, you take your time, enjoy spending...

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Reasons why you are overeating

We've all done it.
Got to the bottom of a crisp packet without realising and wondered how we got there, 'what's wrong with me', 'why did I do that' and the guilt sets in.
We all have something which we love and which we overeat - for me it's oreo chocolate and cookies I just can't help myself and I can't have hobnobs or biscuits in the house because I will eat them all! So don't worry even I struggle too!
The thing is with these foods, they are highly palatable with the right mix of sugar, fats and salt to make you want to eat more and more - that's what the food manufacturers do! They use artificial ingredients to make it taste nice so you keep eating and keep buying. It's cheap for them to make it which means they can sell it cheap too, usually the more you buy the cheaper it is so you think you're getting a good deal but in the long run you'll pay more in 'health tax' 
If you are eating low quality food consistently you will pay for it at...
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What to do when exercise and stricter dieting doesn't work

Fitness programmes, diets constantly pop up on tv and over social media so it's no wonder we think that we need to eat less and do more to lose weight - in a way it is but let me explain...
I used to take this to heart and I would exercise for hours doing cardio trying to burn more calories than I ate that day, whilst only eating around 1000-1200 calories. My lunch used to consist of an apple and a cereal bar! I didn't even come close to fuelling my body with what it needed to work hard and lift weights (or allow my body to recover properly).
Many women in the BodyFIT Academy are the same. They think they need to do more so they run more, do more steps, eat less and less.
Sometimes more is better. More food = better recovery and being able to push more during workouts. Also preventing burnout and binging.
Many people often: 
1. get stuck, burn out or struggle to reach their fitness goals
2. believe that pushing themselves to the limit is what they...
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