There's More to it than Calorie Deficit

It'd be easy for me to just tell you that to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit.
It's true, you DO need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight.
There is more to it. You see, if you fill your calories with low quality and highly processed foods, eventually you're going to binge because you don't get much bang for your buck with those foods and will end up feeling hungry, your recovery will be compromised, you'll feel tired, lethargic and malnourished.
Your habits need to be changed and that starts by monitoring your nutrition. Do you prefer more carbs or more fats? What does your body respond better to? Do you have a history of eating very very low calorie to then binging? Do you have a history of yo yo dieting?
All these come into account when we try to change your habits slowly. It takes time and there is more to progress than just a transformation picture. Do you feel fitter, more energised? Do you feel less bloated...
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How to Stop Overeating in Lockdown

Being stuck inside the house without much to do means it's so easy to overeat. Food is just there and we often mistake boredom for hunger (myself included). Every night you say "I'm going to be good tomorrow" and every day at 3pm there comes the boredom hunger signals and you're raiding the cupboards for a sweet fix.

Here are some tips which might help you:

1. Wear jeans during the day so you'll know if the waistband is getting tight! (I got this one from a client!)

2. Stick to a plan, prepare meals in advance and make yourself accountable

3. Track your calories so you can fit in a few biscuits if you want to

4. If you feel hungry wait 15 minutes, go and do something and take your mind off it then see if you still want it

5. Don't buy it! If you haven't got crisps, biscuits etc in the house you won't eat it! Appreciate you may have partners who want that kind of stuff and kids so it's not always the best solution but if you do have it in the house limit to one per day

6. Have a...

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How I Dropped All My Pregnancy Weight in Two Weeks

Pregnancy is a funny thing, the only way I can describe it is weird

All of a sudden your body is totally changing and growing then you have the baby and everything feels different. Your stomach is squishy, hips are wider, you are sore, so sore! And then your nipples absolutely kill from breast feeding for the first few days.

You'll then start to lose water weight over the next few days. My pregnancy weight was 63kg in the end (start was 52kg) and the day after I gave birth I weighed myself and I was 57kg then I was losing literally 1kg a day until I was back at between 52-53kg.


I definitely do not look like I did pre pregnancy though but there are some things I did which helped me.

1. I lifted weights for years before and made sure I was strong and had a good amount of muscle mass

2. I ate mainly wholefoods they take up the majority of my diet but then I make room for wine and chocolate of course just not every day

3. I breast fed which helped in the first week to drop lbs.


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Curb Your Cravings

Believe it or not most people do get cravings. Especially in the evenings when you finally get a chance to sit down after a busy day.

But this can be the time where you ruin all your hard work (if you're trying to lose weight). You can easily sit and eat 500-1000 extra calories in front of the tv and not even realise you're eating that much!

Calorie dense food tastes good and it's easy to eat a lot of it because it doesn't make you feel as full.

Think chocolate, sweets, crisps etc...

Easily done and I get cravings too so don't worry!

Usually you'll crave foods if you haven't eaten much during the day, you are tired or you're not eating food with nutrients and vitamins which your body needs.

Top tips to curb your cravings:

1 - Eat more protein

2 - Eat regularly throughout the day

3 - Eat more single ingredient whole foods e.g. fruit, vegetables, lean meat etc

4 - Portion your food out and don't sit in front of the tv with a sharing packet of maltesers or crisps put some in a pot

5 -...

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Lose 10lbs without giving up meals out and family meals

Now is the time to set some goals for this year, but also to make sure you don't quit half way through January this time.
Make them realistic, start off small. You don't need to be a new person but just develop better habits and create a better lifestyle for yourself.
Quality of life is most important in my opinion.
You could go on a crash diet and buy a course of Herbalife for £60 or buy a package of weight loss injections for £100s, even buy in the Holland and Barrett sale detox teas and detox coffees - their main ingredient is laxatives so you are literally shitting your money down the toilet.
The thing with crash diets is they put you in a worse position every single time, each year you'll be losing muscle and gaining fat which does nothing for your metabolism, how your clothes fit and how you feel :(
So quality of life to me = feeling energetic, feeling comfortable in clothes, not stressing every time you go out for a meal...
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5 Tips to Get Rid of Cellulite

Most women hate their cellulite.

When they come to me for help, one of the main issues is cellulite on their thighs. There are so many myths around how to get rid of cellulite, special creams, drinking too much soda is bad for it etc etc etc....

Let's clear some things up.... first of all what is cellulite?

Cellulite is pockets of fat underneath the skin which causes lumpy, dimpled skin on areas such as thighs, bum, arms and mainly on women. This is because women naturally carry more body fat than men, we are made to produce life and to do that we need more body fat for everything to function as normal.

It is completely normal to have cellulite! There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and a lot of it is due to genetics as well as lifestyle.

There are no magic creams, injections or pills which are going to get rid of cellulite, BUT there are some things which can help it.


1 - Lift weights - this will increase muscle mass and by working your quads (front of thigh),...

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Losing lower stomach fat and why you shouldn't be focusing on that right now

I had a question a couple of days ago about how to lose lower stomach fat.

 This time of year it's always difficult to answer, not because I can't tell you how but because I want you to put things in perspective.

To lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. You can't decide where you lose body fat from unfortunately and you have to be consistent with it. Weight training is going to help a lot too. 

As women we tend to hold more body fat on lower stomach and thighs due to increased levels of oestrogen. We naturally have more body fat and it's unrealistic to try and aim for a six pack.

Especially after children we are going to look different, there's no point trying to get back to your 'old body' because you have a new body, it's not worse it's just different because you actually grew a human being.

Then throw in Christmas. Realistically you are going to be eating more food, working out less (probably) and drinking more alcohol than normal. So why try and compromise...

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Starvation mode....

Starvation mode seems to be everywhere right now.

'I'm not eating enough so that must be why I'm not losing weight'........ noooo it doesn't work like that!

Just say that out loud for me. Doesn't sound right does it?

If starvation mode was an actual 'thing' there wouldn't be people starving in the world. It's like saying I'm going to spend my money so my savings account will increase :/ doesn't make sense.

If you are not eating enough food it's called a calorie deficit and you will lose weight if you are consistent. If you eat too much food you will gain weight, not the other way around.

So why has this come about?

I'm not really sure where this has come from to be honest or why people believe it. Yes it's true you can eat more food than you think because most people really restrict themselves when they go on a 'diet' and then end up massively overeating because they've been so restricted. Then gaining all the weight back and more, quickly.

The thing is if you actually set your...

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I can't lose weight.... even eating clean & 1200 calories.....

‘I can’t lose weight’

‘I’m eating 1200 calories a day and can’t see any progress’

‘I’m eating clean and can’t lose weight’


Dieting is hard. It takes time to see progress, sometimes your weight will plateau, sometimes you will feel like you’re not getting anywhere.


But progress isn’t just measured by the scale weight. Measurements, progress pictures, improved mindset, improved strength, confidence, happiness, reduced stress levels, improved relationship with food, not feeling restricted or beating yourself up over little things - all of these things are also progress


If you are ‘eating 1200 calories a day’ but not losing weight, I’m afraid you’re not in a calorie deficit. It’s not your hormones, it’s not your job, it’s too much food.


If you really were eating 1200 calories a day you would most likely lose weight, BUT this amount of...

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Why you've gained weight NOT fat this weekend...

I posted this on my Instagram last night about gaining weight and not fat, what the difference is...

You may have jumped on the scale this morning and perhaps have seen the numbers have increased since say Thursday or Friday...

This could have messed with your mindset (which is totally normal btw) and I'm here to tell you it's ok and to explain it to you.

If over the weekend you know you're eating out more, eating more carbs, drinking alcohol, not sleeping enough, not drinking enough water

This can all cause an increase in water retention.

Here's why:

- Eating out = increase in salt/sodium intake due to restaurants etc making food taste nice plus to added oils/butter and carbs when eating out too all brings in more water weight (not fat - big difference) salt won't make you fat it doesn't have any calories but you might feel bloated/puffy


- Eating more carbs = carbs is converted into glycogen which is stored in your muscles for energy, this also stores water weight too hence...

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