How I went from unhappy & self conscious to strong & proud

I started BodyFIT Academy (part of Tara Hall Fitness) after working with hundreds of women over the years and being able to figure out an easy system for them to follow to get the best results!

For years I struggled with my body, restricting my eating, binging, wanting to transform my body but having no idea how and going round in circles.

After learning about nutrition, exercise and what works best for women, I know how much of a difference it made to my life which is why I wanted to share it and help you get out of the viscious cycle of restricting, overeating, feeling guilty then restricting again.

For years I went round like this, feeling bloated, lethargic, not enjoying food but now I enjoy food, I enjoy all my favourite food too - even chocolate and pizza! And that's what I want for you too - confidence, being proud of your body, enjoyment of food and life, feeling fit and amazing day to day!


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It didn't happen overnight...

To be where I am now took years, mainly because I didn't want to invest in own happiness and future. I thought I could do it on my own which resulted in me wasting years when I could have fast tracked my success!

When I first started getting into health and fitness properly (as in training and eating properly) I was in Australia and travelling. I had seen so many girls on Instagram looking amazing and I wanted to change my body too and look like I worked out! This is when I hired a coach, we worked together, I ate more food, more protein, had amazing sessions weight training in the gym and I was LOSING weight!!

I literally couldn't believe it! I worked with this coach for about a year and I competed in my first bikini competition. This then started my obsession with competing.... I went on to compete 3 more times.

However this led to me not knowing what to eat because I followed set meal plans for a whole year!! Which means I couldn't eat anything off my meal plan. I didn't know actually how to track my food and it was a learning curve for me to teach myself and do this again.

I realised I didn't agree with this approach and life should be lived, spending time with family and friends usually involves food or going out for food which is why I believe it should be flexible.

Quality of life is important too!

So after deciding I wasn't going to follow set meal plans I started tracking my macros and calories, something I also do for my clients and in my programme Eat More, Weigh Less

So over the years I have gone from 'skinny fat' and unhappy/self conscious to strong, happy and proud of where I am.

This is what I want for you. To be able to look in the mirror and be proud of yourself and your body, no more hiding away, no more restriction, feeling guilty for eating, there is so much more to life than that!

I have spent years researching the best methods for women, what works and what doesn't alongside working with hundreds of women and changing their lives. I have hired the best mentors and learnt from the best so I can teach my clients and completely transform their body and mind.

The the BodyFIT training, nutrition and mindset method, you are guaranteed to get results. So instead of spending the next few years trying to do it on your own, save yourself valuable time and money and invest in yourself once so you can transform your body and feel proud of what you have achieved.



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Consistency with nutrition and weight training = long term results


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