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The training and nutrition method responsible for helping hundreds of women lose body fat and transform their body

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"I’m loving being able to eat!! My head space is brilliant right now and I’m really grateful for that!"

- Michelle

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BodyFIT Training Online

On demand workouts with hundreds to choose from and 5 more added each week! Choose your workout and start from home or gym with or without equipment!

You'll find healthy meal plans, recipe books and access to everything you need to lose weight, tone up and start increasing confidence so you can wear that bikini or that dress.


BodyFIT Shred

Your 8 week ultimate transformation programme.

Join the team every 8 weeks to complete the BodyFIT Shred 8 week programme and completely change the way you eat and train so you can drop body fat, gain body confidence so you can look in the mirror or wear your bikini with pride


One to One Online Coaching

We work closely on a one to one basis online to make sure we reach your goals so you can feel fit, healthy and confident and be happy with what you see in the mirror. We monitor nutrition & training as well as change habits and work on your mindset so you continue to learn along the way and make lifelong changes.

It's hard to be unhappy with a body you have worked hard for.

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"Tara has been a constant supportive ear in the background, always encouraging and motivating me to do well. I'm so pleased with how my body and mind has transformed already in a relatively short period of time. I am more determined than ever to not let all this hard work go to waste. I like having more energy and love working out and the feeling I get from it. I'm sleeping better and generally in a happier positive mood. My health was the incentive that I needed to start looking after myself and now I just want to continue on this journey"

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You want to lose 10lbs+, flatten your stomach, slim your thighs and tone your arms right?

What if I told you that you could do this without giving up wine and chocolate?


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